He’s not too busy for you -April 29

Travel always seems to involve detours, layovers, and unexpected events. Even driving to work is never the same experience twice. And even if you are just walking from Point A to Point B, a person is likely to experience unexpected distractions, both positively and negatively. On a trip one time several years ago, I offered to help a friend move who lives between my home and my final destination. When I arrived, finding their house was difficult, they had almost nothing packed, and their additional help was anything but actually helpful. During some time sitting down, my friend’s friend asked what I did. When I told him I was a pastor, it opened up a dialogue about his thoughts of God and what I thought. I was given the opportunity to share Christ with him and help speak life into the dark places in his life.

Jesus was not immune to detours and distractions while He traveled either. Mark 5: 21-43 begins with Jesus being begged by Jairus, a synagogue leader, to heal his dying daughter.But on the way from Point A to Point B, Jesus is walking against the flow of people like a salmon swimming upstream. A woman was there dealing with bleeding “issues”. The woman happens to be there as Jesus passes through the crowd. She wasn’t following Him. She didn’t plan to be there. For 12 years, she had endured suffering and was likely a way of life. In a split second, her faith kicks in and every uncomfortable night being unable to sleep and believing Jesus could heal her comes to mind and she reaches out in faith to touch His clothes. She doesn’t confront Him, and not a word is spoken asking. Her shame and other’s opinions drop in her bold move of faith to seek healing in silence.

But her faith is not unnoticed. Without speaking a word to Him, Jesus recognized the healing that was received. Lest she think that the Savior of her suffering would not know, He seeks her out. He wants to speak her name and heal more than her body, he wants to heal her heart. Her physical suffering was deeply connected to emotional and spiritual suffering as well. Jesus wants to be “bothered” by her needs. He wants her to disturb His journey. He wants to meet her face to face and speak Life into her darkness.

He wants us to call upon Him, be healed in faith, and speak the same Eternal Life He has for us into others, whoever they may be and whatever darkness they may be in. He calls us to be the miracle we want to see by bringing Him to whatever place we go.


Am I too concerned with where I am going to notice someone’s pain?

Do I truly believe God will heal me despite everything is I just ask?


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