A Diamond in the Rough- May 27

I grew up in a large church in Nebraska. Because it was a large church, our pastor was ALWAYS someone well connected, seasoned, and spoken. They were always larger than life to me. It was like they spoke and Heaven opened above them and the light shone on them. It is now that I should tell you, two things. I learned a lot from each of them… and the light that always shone from above them was because there were spotlights that were positioned to do that.

We can get wrapped up in feeling like we don’t measure up, don’t say the right things all the time and do not seem to ever look the part of a competent and confident human let alone as a disciple of Christ. And here I will tell you two more things. A disciple looks just like you and the Disciples didn’t always look like “disciples”. Matthew 16: 13-20 catches Peter in a moment of saying the right thing. The passage falls between the disciples missing the point Jesus was making and Peter immediately sticking his foot in his mouth and getting called out. One moment Jesus is proclaiming Peter’s words to be divinely inspired by God and the next He calls him “Satan” because his thinking is of man and not God.

Peter was a work in progress. Peter is a “rock” that the Church will be built upon. He was not there yet. And we are not expected to be there immediately either. The difference is our pursuit and perseverance, not our position. There would come a time when Peter was solid, formidable, unwavering and unshaken, but it was not this time. This time he was able to discern a truth that would shape him even though he would have to shake off his opinions time after time. Right now, he was a pile of rocks. It would take something much greater ahead to bind them together so that the Church could rest on a firm foundation. His faith in Christ would be the binding agent. Not his reputation. Not his knowledge. Not his bravado. Christ alone.

It took me a lifetime of failures and fumbles to finally find my way to Christ and stay on His heels. I found it by hearing the story of an old grumpy alcoholic man who was a disappointment to everyone it seemed. But he would do anything for you, including shake an apple tree to get the last apple off the top limb when his grandson pointed at it. A perfectly imperfect man performing perfect acts knowing he was imperfect out of a perfect love.  The greatest truth I know is that we are perfectly imperfect, and it is He who will make us like Him.

Do I compare my walk to someone else instead of just walking with Jesus?

How can you offer your faith to be enough for someone who needs it?


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