Lighting up the Darkness: Shine in Our Hearts – December 23

lightbasketHave you ever bought a puzzle from a garage sale? The first question you ask is “Are all the pieces there?” The most frustrating thing in life is when the complete picture is not able to be seen. Perhaps it is our desire to control everything or just the desire to understand something completely so that we can fully appreciate it. I have both the pleasure and pain of living with a 10 year old who tends to start stories about half way through and leaves out important details. While I find out the conclusion of the journey, I am often not sure where it started or how I got there because he hasn’t told me the beginning. (My wife says he learned it from me.)

In the last part of the Apostle John’s introduction to the Life of Christ, John 1:15-18 details the testimony of John the Baptizer where he says that Jesus is the one he said would come after him yet was over him because He was there before him. Only the One who was there in the beginning of time would be able to come in human form after another was already born and still have been there before. Still confused?

The One who was there in the Beginning and who spoke to Moses through the burning bush to set free God’s people in Egypt, would come to truly set God’s people free from captivity to sin by being born into that world. The connection to the Light is keyed in to Moses. In Hebrews 3:1-11, The Light that appeared to Moses through the Burning Bush is what appointed him to serve God and free the Israelites, but now that same Light has come personally from the sin and spiritual captivity that God was attempting to provide through Moses, but the people had not understood, both its weight and proclivity to remain if not daily fought. The Light gives honor to the Father at every opportunity. Even when we do not understand how present God is in Christ, the Light offers us the ability to see Him.

Throughout the Bible, we are reminded that God’s people did not have the complete version of what God was doing. When Isaiah spoke of the coming Messiah, he believed the one spoken of was to be his own son. Job constantly questioned why bad things were happening when he had never experienced anything negative in his life. Naomi was bitter, Sarai laughed, Paul was imprisoned, and all but one disciple was killed. What God is shining the Light upon is often beyond us. We are a moment in history, but we should not believe that we are an insignificant moment. John the Baptizer was there to point to the Messiah, Peter and Paul were sent where they were for a reason, and you and I are here as a part of God’s plan to redeem and save the world. In the end, we are blessed to be in the middle of a Divine Plan to complete God’s purpose. I wish you a blessed week filled with God’s Holy Presence.

What part can I serve in God accomplishing His plans for our world?


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