Never Alone: Lost in a Fog, Found in Him -October 6

I hate being picked last. Last in basketball. Last in football. Last in baseball. I might as well be last picked in life. Whenever these situations come about, we lose sight of our potential as a teammate and instead shift to believing we are the last one anyone wanted. I remember joining the track team in 9th grade. I had a hard time making around the track once, let alone twice before practicing my event… which was not running related in the least. I never placed all season, but my coach often reminded me that if it was not for my role, we would not have won as a team. The same was true in Forensics. I competed in 4 different events, and never placed. But every week, the coach would remind me that if I had not been there, we would not have gotten 2nd or 3rd place as a team. Once I didn’t go to the party after our district meet because I felt worthless and unimportant. EVERY member asked why I wasn’t there. And each one told me that I was part of the team, no matter how I performed. They missed ME.

Many of us have read John 3:16 and can recite it by heart, even if we have no clue what anything else sounds like in that chapter or book. The charge is put out that God loved the WORLD and gave His Son to save it. It is easy to get lost in the World and forget that each and every individual is part of that, that each is important. The charge is not made in general. It is made to include every individual. Each time Jesus is asked “What does ‘one’ have to do…” He responds “You”. Sell everything YOU have, YOU must be born again, YOU will see the Son… YOU. 

So much of the world is lost in the crowd. Lost in societal standards. Lost in their families. Just plain lost. There is nothing like being found. The panic, confusion, sadness, and loneliness drop like dead weight when we are embraced after knowing someone sought us out. In some respects, we are both the search party for those who feel lost, or are lost because they are too suborn to ask for directions. But we are also the ones who the search party gets sent after. The illusion that once we are saved, we are always saved is a fallacy. While the love that God has for us never changes and our place in His Arms is never in doubt by Him, we can get lost. I am still my father’s son, but when I lost my way, I needed him to come save me. Again.

We need to reconnect with the reality of what it felt like when we were lost and alone. Perhaps if we do, we might have a greater drive to seek and save those who have gotten lost by the crowds that they followed and outpaced them until the surroundings were foreign and help was nowhere to be found. Perhaps we will also find the drive of a Loving Father who sent His Only Son to find us and save us. You… find and save YOU.

What does it feel like to be lost? Do I seek others like I wanted to be?

Have I lost my way, following the crowd, and need the Father to find me?

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